GLAMBILLY, brainchild of Hans Frank

Hans Frank was born and raised in rural Appalachia, in the tri-state region of southeastern Ohio, western West Virginia, and eastern Kentucky. Always a prolific songwriter, the combination of rough and refined contributes to the dissonance in Hans’ music. His lyrics experiment on the continuum of kitschy, desperation, and painful introspection while his songwriting is bittersweet and full of nuance.

In 2003, Hans formed the band 10 CITY RUN and in 2005 Universal Records signed 10 CITY RUN and released Somethin’ Else. Hans’ single, "City of Angels (Dumb Ol’ Country Boy)" received substantial airplay nationally both on terrestrial and satellite radio and had a good run on the Texas Charts.

The video for "City of Angels" went on to win an ACE Award and premiered on CMT’s Top 20 Countdown and has been a regular fixture on GAC’s EDGE OF COUNTRY.

Hans has played in various bands over the years, encompassing a wide variety of genres and styles-from garage rock to rockabilly, from punk to traditional country. Hans counts opening for Ray Price at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville as one of his major accomplishments. 

Hans holds a BS in Film and Playwriting from Ohio University and an MFA in Playwriting and Dramaturgy from theUniversity of Alabama. Hans’ theatre work first received notice in the Austin Theatre scene where his one man show, Lonely Highway, won two Austin Critics Awards. Hans went on to become a produced playwright, as well as a produced screenwriter before being signed to Universal South Records.

Hans formed GLAMBILLY in November 2007 with former Ernest Tubb guitarist and Texas Troubadour Pete Mitchell and drummer extraordinaire Bobby Natanson, who was a frequent guest on the Ed Sullivan Show and The Dean Martin Show as a member of The Swingin’ Lads. Natanson also played drums with such renowned artists as T-Bone Walker and Gabor Szabo.

GLAMBILLY is a diverse and edgy potpourri of roots music, or as Frank once said in interview: “Bill Monroe meets The New York Dolls.”

GLAMBILLY’s present lineup is Hans Frank on vocals, bass, and keyboards; Tony Gloria on drums and percussion; and über guitarist “Dangerous” Danny Aaron, formerly of THE DANGEROUS TOYS.

Hans currently lives in San Antonio and his three favorite things about The Alamo City are Machacado Tacos, the beautiful people, and always being able to find a place to park.

Glambilly Discography and Videography:
"Get the Hell Outta My House" (Video, 2007)
"How I Got To Texas" (Single, 2008)
"I'm In Love With A Ghost" (Video, 2009)
"The Sloppy" (Video, 2009)
"So Much Better Than Hans" (Video, 2010)

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